Month: February 2012

Handwriting: Irrelevant or Indispensable?

When was the last time  you wrote a letter to someone?  Addressed an invitation?  Even addressed a bill?  In today’s digital age, handwriting is a thing of the past, like a giant cell phone with a 6 inch antenna, right? 

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Making the Most of Your Next Visit to the Playground

With this warm winter weather we’re having, visits to the playground can be great fun for you and your child.  The playground is full of wonderful opportunities for language development and motor skills!     Take advantage of the swings and slides! 

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Caroline’s Cart

Going to the grocery store is an everyday chore we all have to do.  We run in, get the item, check out and leave.  If kids are with us, we plop them in the cart or let them drive the

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App Review: My Play Home

The app My Play Home is amazing!  Kids of all ages love this app and are able to use it with minimal assistance.  This app is a doll house with interactive pieces.  You can feed the people, wash the dishes,

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