Month: August 2012

A Parent’s Guide to Pediatric Therapy: Putting the Pieces Together

Entering the world of pediatric therapy can be overwhelming for parents.  PT, OT, ST, DT, SC, IFSP, IEP, EI – what do all these mean?   Parents are thrown into this world at a time when they are still trying to

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Learning Through Play

Play is an important part of childhood. As Lawrence Frank once said, “through play, children learn what none can teach.” While playing, children are able to practice skills and roles needed for survival, learning and development. These skills include problem

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It’s Lunch Time!

  A new school year is upon us and you may be wondering what your child will eat for lunch each day.  Whether your child buys their lunch at school, or you pack a lunch for them, there are ways to

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Back to School

Summer vacation is coming to an end. School supplies will soon be purchased and lunches will be packed.  Children will start transitioning from long summer days to days full of learning.  Some children (and parents) may have difficulty transitioning to

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