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What To Do When You’re Concerned About Your Child

By: Amy Foster, M.S.Ed., Developmental Specialist and Mother of 4 When you notice that your child is not developing or behaving like his peers, instinct is to reassure yourself that every child is different and develops at his or her

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3 Types of Evaluations and What They Tell Us about Your Child’s Development

When you have concerns about your child’s development, you want answers.  You might choose to have a screening completed to briefly assess your child’s development. If concerns are noted following the screening, a formal evaluation will help answer your questions. During

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3 Benefits of Developmental Screenings

It is perfectly normal for parents to have concerns about their child’s development.  Many parents, especially first time parents, may be unaware of “typical” child development milestones.  These milestones are important guidelines used to monitor and measure a child’s development,

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