Interactive Story: Leaves, Leaves by Salina Yoon

leavesBy: Brittany Jefferson, Brightsong Intern & Liz McMahon, MA, CCC-SLP

Give a shout!  Give a cheer!  We’re so happy that fall is here!  Fall is a great season for enjoying some beautiful weather, holidays, pumpkin patches, football and so much more.  Leaves, Leaves! by Salina Yoon is a great book to celebrate the fall season and here are some fun activities associated with the book:

  • Identifying Colors. Focus on the fall colors (green, orange, red, yellow and brown). You and your child can gather different colored leaves and encourage your child to identify the colors. Put several colors on the ground and encourage your child to “get red, get green, etc.” How many can they identify consistently?
  • Writing About Fall. Younger children can work on “prewriting skills” by coloring a fall picture, tracing letters, making horizontal and vertical marks, and writing targeted shapes or letters.  For older children, you can work on handwriting using writing prompts associated with the fall season and holidays.  Encourage them to write a story about a pumpkin, or make a special Halloween card for their grandparents.  These all encourage fine motor and handwriting skills.
  • Action Verbs. Verbs are important for children to learn. Parents can make learning verbs fun by gathering leaves and having their kids practice different action words through the pile. For example, parents can tell their child to “jump, run, stomp, or roll” through the leaves. Parents can also ask what their child is doing and encourage them to answer using action verbs (e.g. jumping, running, etc).
  • Hand-Eye Coordination. A great way to practice scissor skills is by cutting out different shapes. Parents can trace pumpkin, leaf or tree shapes on construction paper and encourage their child to cut out the shapes. How well do they do cutting a round shape like a pumpkin vs. a straight shape like a tree trunk?
  • Vocabulary. There are a lot of vocabulary words associated with fall. Focus on some of these words during play activities with your child:fall

There are so many fun activities for you and your child to enjoy this fall.  So, put on some warm clothes, head outside and have some fun!  Happy Fall!

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