Feeding Therapy


Eating is complex. It requires a lot of fine motor and oral motor coordination.  Any difficulties with feeding can lead to malnutrition, poor growth and delayed development.  Brightsong offers individual and group feeding therapy for children from birth to age 18 years.  Our therapists can work with both you and your child, using specialized techniques, to improve feeding abilities.

Children may benefit from feeding therapy if they:
• Refuse foods
• Have difficulty tolerating tastes and textures
• Exhibit swallowing difficulties
• Have oral motor coordination issues
• Have been diagnosed as “failure to thrive”
• Experience mealtime tantrums
• Difficulty with self-feeding skills

Based on the problems your child is having, the goals of feeding therapy will be:
• Enhancing the coordination of the lips, tongue, and jaw for feeding safety
• Increasing tolerance for food tastes and textures
• Increasing participation with food and with others during mealtimes

Individual feeding therapy is provided on a weekly basis.
Call to register:  (901) 309-3077

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